Half day trips

The perfect excursion, if you want to enjoy great dives, but do not spend the full day on board!

Our comfortable boats are going out for one dive to one of the amazing Hurghada reefs. Equal if you go for the morning trip from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm or in the afternoon from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm - we will make sure to show you the beauty of the Red Sea.

For sure family and friends could join for swimming and snorkeling as well. Spend some quality time together!

Third dive

We understand that for some divers two dives per day are not enough. There are so many beautiful dive spots to be seen in our area that you should try to visit and experience as many as possible.

If you would like to make a third dive against extra charge per day it is possible depending on the daily operation. We need to know a day in advanced to be able to organize.

Sunset Diving

Enjoy the Red Sea from its best side and have beautiful views of Hurghada above and underwater. When everybody else comes home, go out for a dive and experience empty dive spots and reefs. Dive into the sunset - a time of the day the sea is at its calmest and the sunlight will change from golden to red.

It is one of the most active times under the surface - visit the buzzing marinelife during your dive. Fishes start to come out for feeding, it feels like rush hour under water.

Depending on the time of the year, our boats are leaving the marina between 3pm and 5pm and return just after the daylight is gone.

Night Diving

If you would like to experience the Red Sea from a complete different site - go for the adventure of a night dive.

Watch the fishes while they sleep, the corals coming out for feeding at night time and an explosion of colours you would never expect. Due to the fact of having an underwater torch light, you will see completely different colours. If you know the reef already from a normal daylight dive, you will see the difference and feel like exploring another dive spot.

Night diving is like floating in a different environment. Do not worry if you never did a night dive before, our experienced instructors are looking forward to take you on your first night adventure dive.

Wreck Diving

The Red Sea has a lot of beautiful wrecks - some of them are possible to be reached from Ilios Dive Club, even on a daily tour. Dive the wreck of El Mina or Balena during the daily diving excursion.

Those who love wreck diving should join our special excursion and visit the wrecks of Abu Nuhas or Salem Express. It is a bit of a drive, so we will leave the marina early in the morning and return around 4 pm. There is the chance for three dives that day, lot's of times dolphins are seen at Abu Nuhas!

Wreck diving at its best with a unique marine life around, explore breathtaking spots under water.